Posted by: istop4books | November 26, 2007

Knitting, Reading and Dogs

I’ll be using this blog to document those 3 parts of my life. My knitting projects, how they are going — quite poorly at the moment; my reading – not too bad, although I’m behind on the Oct-Dec challenge, and my two major sources of trouble – Boomer, the Aussie and Cheyenne, the Husky.

Today I’ve been fighting tooth and nail with my sock yarn.  I’m in the Sox Pistols sock knitting club and every month they hand over sock yarn in a bag.  Well, this month’s bag has been awful and I’m about ready to chuck it.  I pulled from the inside and it tangled into a gargantuan mess.  The first skein was bad, but the second skein – mama mia!!! I’ve spent more time trying to untangle the mess than knitting!!



  1. Damn this is hard. I uploaded a slide show but I can’t find it. I added some of my favorite links, but can’t find them either 🙂 I’m off to look for them.

  2. Adding some tags

  3. Whoohoo! Welcome to the land of blogging about knitting, dogs, and books. I do just about the same thing on my blog too so I look forward to lurking about reading your blog. 😉

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