Posted by: istop4books | January 16, 2009

The Curriculum vitae of Aurora Ortiz by Almudena Solana


This is a slim little novel, 147 pages, which tells the story of Aurora Ortiz, a young widow of 31 who if flailing along though life.  She lives in the apartment purchased right before her husband died, she has little education and little amibition other than to get a job as an apartment caretaker.  To get her job, she begins writing lengthy, wordy, rambling letters to an agency.  Through these letters she pours her heart out, but still doesn’t figure things out for herself.

Given the fact that I was old enough (only by a hair) to be Aurora’s mother, I felt like slapping her back into the real world, to shake her into relishing life and not throwing her talents away. I did get a bit exasperated with her as I felt she was a bit whiny and needed someone to plant both her feet firmly on the ground.  While I  enjoyed the second part of the book better than the first, I felt that the writing picked up and the storyline moved forward, I probably would not have finished this had it not been a bookcrossing bookring.


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