Posted by: istop4books | February 13, 2009

The Friendship Test – Elizabeth Nobel

A Novel The Friendship Test: A Novel by Elizabeth Noble

My review


rating: 3 of 5 stars
More than chick lit and less than literature, poorly edited, lame storyline, lots of characters – so why did I read all 400 plus pages? Somehow it drew me in and it was a quick, easy read. It’s the story of 4 women who become friends in college, 3 go on to get married and one dies unexpectedly. The other 3 remain close despite the many ups and downs of friendships. Reagan, is smart, educated and flighty – seems to be fighting with herself all the time; Tamsin is the mother hen, lots of kids, a good marriage and very good advice, Freddie is the main character, she learns early on of her father’s death, and learns too late that he has taken many questions to the grave and that her unresolved issues with him will never be resolved.

That aspect of the book resonated with me, but I found it treated superficially. Not that I expected more, Nobel is not a Stegner or a Steinbeck, but I still found the book lacking in that respect.

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