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The Gate House, by Nelson DeMille

The Gate House The Gate House by Nelson DeMille

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
I’m not going to write a synopsis of this novel because others have done it well at, but I will put down my opinion.

I love Nelson DeMille, and while I haven’t read all his books, I’ve read many of them, and recommended them. This one? Not so much. This book was in need of a serious editor, someone not full of himself or afraid to tell DeMille that his main character was way too full of himself. The book could have been written in half the pages while maintaining the integrity of the plot and nuances of the characters, but somewhere along the road it just got out of hand. It reminded me of the stories my mother used to tell, where we would say, “Mom, we’ve heard all that before, just PLEASE get to the point.”

It was funny and witty and sarcastic once, and I’ll even concede twice – but the third time around it was just redundant.

The main character, John Whitmore reminded me a bit of the main character in Boston Legal (one of my all time favorite shows) Alan Shore, a wisecracking, smart ass kind of guy. But there’s a difference: Alan Shore had an agenda and fought for the little guy and for some sort of justice, there was a political agenda there. John Whitmore has the same smart mouth, but he was only fighting his inlaws and the mob. His ex-wife Susan, needed an urgent trip to the real world where normal people order pizzas in a box and don’t buy $2000 suits on a whim. They were tedious and not terribly likable.

Having said that I read all 688 pages worth of this book and woke up early this morning to finish it. The social norms and mores of the upper crust long island crowd were spot on and at times, once again, I could see my mother in Harriet or Susan’s mother. I wish my mother had been worth $100 million, but that’s another story.

The mob element of the story was interesting to the story, together with the psychological profiling of the task force members trying to outsmart them at their own game.

All in all, even though it was not his best, it was certainly entertaining.

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