Posted by: istop4books | October 12, 2009

Good Dog Bad Dog

OK – I lied. Bad Dog Bad Dog would have made a better title. Early Sunday morning the synchronized pooches needed to go out. Synchronized, you ask? Yes. When one just has to go out, the other one does too. One poops, and so does the other.

So, back to my story. George (my DH) leaned over to put the leash on Cheyanne and Boomer bumped him in the knees and Cheyenne took off with no looking back and no regrets. Boomer, of course, took off after her and no amount of screaming, yelling, begging and pleading brought them back. They were off to discover hidden rabbit hang outs, get rid of the entire Minnesota squirrel population and run through the creek at the bottom of our ravine. An hour went by and nor sight nor sound of these two, so I grabbed my car keys and went looking. Since I live close to a fast street, I had visions of BOOMER, CHEYENNE'S BEST FRIENDfinding them splattered on the road, agonizing in pain and of me picking up their limp bodies and holding them in my arms as they looked at me to save them. No such luck. They were nowhere to be found. I drove up the road down the road, in one subdivision and out another, over to the corn fields and back through the soy fields with no luck whatsoever. After an hour of driving around calling them, I went home, and heard a tinkle. A very faint tinkle. I called and I called and lo and behold the tinkle sound got stronger – Boomer’s tags were tinkling! And with that they were home. I could have cried to see them with every inch of their bodies covered in burrs, but instead of crying I got the camera, a whole bunch of towels and a pail of warm water and got to work!!!



002Clean girl

fall 2009 008

Pretty boy

Pretty boy


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