Posted by: istop4books | December 13, 2010

The never-ending mitered sock blankie is finally finished!!!

When the weather got a bit cooler, I once again pulled down the sock blankie and tried to get enthused into finishing it.  It seemed like a HUGE chore and I had a sort of “been there, done that” attitude.  However, for the sake of not having to see the mini-mess it created when I was knitting it, I gave it one more heave-ho and finished the entire thing.  I opted to square it off so as to not have the mini floppy triangles dangling around, and then I knit a border all the way around it in blue.  I should have, could have, would have knit a wider boarder, but I felt that at any time during the process I was going to commit blankiecide and so I desisted and just left it at right about a 2 inch border.


Final dimensions:  58inches wide by 78 inches long


The Finished Sock Blankie

Finally Finished Sock Blankie!!!



The edges are actually quite straight and this blanket is so, so warm that we all fight for it.  Luckily it’s big enough for two to cuddle under it!!!


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