Posted by: istop4books | May 14, 2011

Portuguese Irregular Verbs, Alexander McCall Smith

This book is a short easy read, although not the laugh-out-loud funny that it was advertised to be. It’s called an

“entertainment” book, almost a series of short stories revolving around the ever-challenged Professor

Dr. Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld. The vignettes are amusing, some more than others, however I think it

helps to be a bit older, and maybe a Brit at heart to appreciate them as written. From an heartbreaking

infatuation to a nose-altering duel, he manages to muddle from one incident to the next. The issue for

me is that it was not compelling and took me quite a while to settle in to the type of humor that McCall writes. Great for a short flight or to keep in the car and read while waiting here and there.


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