A picture is worth a thousand words



  1. the ten boom family was a great and mighty family
    they did not let life get them down, i am a young gypsy traveller and i am proud but to see what the other romany gypsys and jews suffered in the holocaust is disgraceful. I respect the ten boom family very much and hope that no one else will try to do the things hitler did.why do people choose to live this way in such hate why cant the world live in peace and not war. God put all mankind on this earth to love and respect one another but in stead we choose to fight,hate,discriminate and be racist god bless the ten boom family and god bless every romany gypsy and every jew xxxxxxxx
    love shannon xxx

    • Thank you for your thoughts Shannon. I agree that the family was indeed a great one. Unselfish, thoughtful and aware of the danger to their own lives. It would be nice if more people could dare to go against the current and do what is right, to embrace people as humans, not as Jews, Christians, Catholics, Gypsies or gay. However, it doesn’t seem to be in human nature, it seems that humans need a group to hate in order to feel better about themselves – whether the prejudice falls along racial lines, color of skin, religious beliefs, social status, body size, intelligence. And how easy it is to get swept up in the mob mentality, of forgetting our core values. Quite sad actually. We can only hope we would act differently and teach our children to never forget their values.

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